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Hey guys! Now, can I just go off the bat and say...we ALL hated this episode? Don't deny it, I mean, there are still theories going around about the logic of this episode! But, because I love you guys, I'm gonna suffer through and do this one.

Now, a little note, school has started. but it's my last year of required torture, so I just have to get through this.

Anyway, let's get to this...shall we? Oh boy...

Disclaimer: I do not own Ninjago, just my OCs.
"Your body is a fighting instrument. Listen to it" Lloyd was training again with the ninja, this time inside and with the guys. Lloyd stood in the middle of the room, his eyes closed. He heard Cole come up behind him and kicked him in the stomach, knocking him back. He then grabbed Jay's nun-chucks and flipped him over his shoulder. He then jumped and twirled over Zane's shurikens that flew at him.

However, they did hit something. Nya was walking in with a watermelon and they hit the melon. She glared at Zane. She shook her head and walked over to Sensei. "Since he's grown, he's learning faster Sensei"

"But will it be enough to challenge Lord Garmadon?"

Kai slowly took his sword out of it's scabbard. Lloyd turned right as he did that and Kai thrust forward. Lloyd grabbed it, then started to summon his green energy. Kai struggled to push forward, then pulled back. Lloyd fell to the floor. Kai chuckled then went over and helped him up. "You're getting pretty good. But that move you fell for was basic 101"

"Yeah...if i had focused more when I was little, I would have seen that coming..."

"We can not change the past, but we can improve for the future"

"Again, and this time, do not hold back"

"I heard my four favorite words" Sarah and Kim walked in.

"Hey. Ashlynn's training over?"

"Yeah, her and Amanda will be in here soon. So Lloyd..." Sarah smiled. "Ready to show all of us what you can do?"
The falcon screeched and flew over. He landed on Zane's arm and they went up to the bridge. "The falcon has returned, and he seems to be distressed" Zane opened the flacon's chest and took out a chip. He put it into the computer. "What did you see?"

On screen was..."The Lost City of Oroborus!"

"Still not lost apparently"

"Garmadon has returned to the serpentine home base. But why?"

"Looks like they're preparing for a final battle!"

"Final next sounds good"

"Nya, change course. We'll head straight for them"
It was dark when they got there. They had the ship just outside the city and went down the chain.

In the city, The serpentine were repairing vehicles and weapons. Garmadon was walking around. "More firepower! When we attack the ninja, our forces will be so strong, Ninjago will be mine!"

Bizarro Amanda sighed and walked around. "Something feels off...don't be surprised if those ninja decide to attack us"

The ninja jumped into the city. In the middle of the city they heard a cry. "Ninjago!" Wu had spun, summoning his spinitzu tornado, and he stood in front of Garmadon. "Oh, Brother!"

"It's time we finish this!" At this point all the ninja had jumped into the main part of the city.

"Bring it on fools!" Garmadon held up his weapon. Lloyd and Ashlynn then jumped into the city. Lloyd fired a beam of ice and hit the weapon, freezing it. Garmadon glared, but then saw that it was..."Lloyd? Is that you?"

"Yeah. I've grown a little since the last time you saw me"

Bizarro Amanda sneered. "And it looks like your little pet has grown too" Ashlynn growled at her.

Garmadon however started to back up. "S-Stop him!" He ran, Bizarro Amanda following him. They ran inside a small building and shut the door. Garmadon wacked the weapon to get the ice off.

Bizarro Amanda stepped back. "Great, he's older. Now what?"

"Blast these ninja! If only they weren't around...if only they never existed!" Garmadon hit the weapon one more time and shed the last of the ice. He stopped, then smiled. "Yes. Yes, that's it!"

"What's it?"

Garmadon lifted the weapon. "I wish I could go back in time! Make it so that the ninja never formed in the first place!" The weapon glowed.

Bizarro Amanda laughed. "That's brilliant!" The weapon fired a beam at the wall, opening a portal.

"Now, to finish the ninja once and for all! So that my son never becomes the green ninja!" Both of them jumped through.

The ninja all burst into the room. "That does not look good"

"He used the mega weapon again!"

"Oh swell, every time he uses that, something bad happens! Now what?"

Suddenly the ground started shaking. "What's going on?"

Sand started to ride up. "Is the city sinking?"

"I didn't think the whole city was on a large quick sand deposit!"

"I don't think that's the case!"

"The city appears to be going back into the desert, as if it had never been found in the first place!"

"What?! What does that mean?"

"Whatever it means, it's not good!"

"What's happening?!"

"Garmadons gone back in time to make it so that Lloyd never becomes the green ninja!"

"What?! you're not supposed to go back in time, that's defies proper logic and common sense!"

"I...I can't feel my hands..."

"Me either..."

"We have to go in!"

"If he changed anything, he changed everything! Protect the future ninja!"

"Well, no going back-well, actually we are-"

"Go!" They all jumped in.
When they landed through, they landed in a rice field, getting water and mud all over them.


"Remind me to pack a helmet next time we time travel..."

"Or some wet wipes, gross" Sarah tried to wipe some mud off and looked around. "Where are we?"

"I think you mean when are we?" They looked around.

"I know this place..."

Kai looked up the hill. "Four parents old shop! Nya and I used to work there!"

"This is Ignacia. But why are we here?"

"Hey wait a minute...this is the day Garmadon ordered the skeletons to take my sister! We have to warn them-!"

"Whoa Whoa! You heard what Sensei said! You change anything, you change everything!"

Kim pulled some wet grass from her hair. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm a little tired of change..."

"Does anyone know what Sensei meant?"

"It means that our world is made up of past events that have already happened. If for whatever reason these events fail to happen, then the future could radically change"

"So what you're saying is we have to stop Garmadon from changing anything?"

"But why here? There are so many other places he could go to!"

"Because this is where it all started...Today I met Sensei Wu and Amanda for the first time and began my training as a ninja! Somehow Garmadon is going to try and prevent that! But how?"

"It could be anything, we need to be alert"

"If only Sensei were here to guide us..."

Amanda heard something. "Someone's coming" They looked over and saw two people. An old man and a young woman. It was past Sensei and past Amanda!

"Look! There's Sensei! Maybe he can!"

"We got to tell him what Garmadon has done!"

"But we can't let old Kai, Nya, or Amanda see us talking to him. Or else it will affect the future"

"Yeah, but two of those will be easy, but may I remind you how Amanda was? And still is for that matter? How will we keep out of her sight, she's too skilled!" Sarah looked at her. "Why must you be so good?" Amanda shrugged.

"Hm...I know exactly what to do!"

They started to sneak up behind them. However, past Amanda heard something and turned. "Hm..." She stood there for a second, then followed Wu.
"The shop is called 'Four Weapons' not for browsing. If you're not gonna buy anything, go peddle your insults somewhere else"

"Heh. Too bad. Thought I'd find something special here" Wu left, past Amanda following him. But past Amanda had a feeling they were being watched. She turned around to look behind her.

Wu was still walking when present Kai jumped behind him and covered his mouth. "Sensie, we need your help" Kai led him off.

Past Amanda turned and saw that Sensei was gone. "Sensei?"
Kai took Sensei behind the shop. "Hey, um Kai? If we're trying to stop Garmadon from changing anything, wouldn't talking to Sensei in the past also affect our future?"

"That would be correct. I believe a big...'uh oh' is in order?"

Sarah groaned. "This is why I hate time travel..."

Wu just looked back and forth between them. Kai sighed. "We can't undo what we've already done. Sensei we really need your help"

Wu kept looking around. "All seven of"

"Traveled back in time to warn you of appending doom"

"But we don't have time to explain! Can you help us?"

"I...don't understand...but I can try"

"Okay. Any minute the skeletons are going to attack, and we think Garmadon try to hurt me, or at least past me"

"Or worse"


"We have to do everything we can to protect my past self"

"Sensei" Present Amanda walked to him. "I know it sounds weird, but he's right. We can't let your present change or else ours will change in a way...we probably will never be able ti fix. You have to trust us...and you have to trust me"

Suddenly, the sky turned dark with clouds over the hill ,spreading over the village. The skeletons were here.

Wu started to walk forward, but present Kai stopped him.
Present Garmadon and Bizarro Amanda were on the main skull vehicle, putting on a skull mask, listening to some skeletons fight. He shook his head. "Why did I ever trust these numbskulls..."

"That's what you get for working with skeletons" She put her mask on

"ATTACK!" The skeletons attacked the village. The ninja watched from a distance.

"Can we help or not?"

"Don't look at me. I'm wise, but not that wise"

"Technically, since the past has already been altered, I don't see why we can't fight a few skeletons. Just as long as your past self never see's you"

"You make my day Zane!"

They heard something behind them and saw some skeletons behind them.

"I miss beating these guy's up!"

"Dibs!" Sarah jumped into the group and started to fight them down. Jay groaned and crossed his arms.

Kai looked out to the main battle. "Watch for when Samukai throws his daggers, and don't forget to save me!"


Amanda tapped his shoulder. "And uh...word of the wise, I brought my bone breaker arrows. I'd watch where you're standing"

"It'll make sense when it happens"

"Like about right now! Look!" Kim pointed and they saw Samuaki with his daggers.


"I'm going!" Wu ran out. "Ninja-go!" He knocked Samukai of course.

They watched as Samukai threw his daggers. The tower started to fall towards past Kai. Present Amanda gripped Kai's arm. Thankfully, Wu rescued him, just like last time.

Samukai got back in the skull vehicle. "Lord Garmadon says take the girl!"

Present Garmadon, however, beat down the skeleton that was in charge of the bone hand and fired, but missed Nya.

"You fools you missed! Retreat!" They started to take off.

One skeleton saw past Kai...and present Kai. "huh?"

"That is it?"

"Um...nothing!" They took off.
Back home, in the present, dark clouds spread over. "My goodness..." The picture that had Lloyd and Ashlynn in it was changing. Lloyd and Ashlynn faded out and disappeared.
Past Kai hugged Nya. The present ninja were watching. "Oh this isn't good"

"Why? We saved you and your sister"

"Yeah, um actually about that. We just said that 'Kai' needed to be protected" Kim hit Sarah. "Ow! Okay, yes, protecting Nya is a slight bonus...but not in the time frame"

"The skeletons were supposed to take my sister. The only reason you convinced me to become a ninja in the first place was to get her back"

"Oh...I see"

"Sensei, no matter what, you need to convince Kai to go with you"


"Because if Kai doesn't become a ninja, the world as we know it won't exist. The seven of us will never unite. We'll never train Lloyd to become the green ninja or Ashlynn to discover what she is! And Nya will never fall head over heels for Jay"

Jay gasped then grabbed Wu and started shaking him. "NO MATTER WHAT, YOU NEED TO CONVINCE HIM TO GO WITH YOU!"

"It's not just Jay and Nya's relationship..." Sarah took Cole's hand. "It's all of ours..." Cole squeezed her hand and Zane took Kim's hand.

They heard footsteps and the present ninja hid from sight. Past Kai walked over. "Thank you so much for your help. If it wasn't for your twistitzu or tornadzo, my sister might have been taken"

The ninja all looked at Kai funny and he gave a shy grin. "Yeah, no change so far..." Amanda mumbled.

"It's spinjitzu" Past Amanda walked up, putting her bow over her shoulder. "No one seemed hurt, thankfully. If those skeletons were any better with their aim, they might have gotten you sister"

"Who are you? I guess I should thank you too"

"I'm Amanda, one of his students"

Wu coughed, trying to get a word in. "Come. We must train. You must become a ninja"

Kai laughed and Amanda raised an eyebrow. "Sorry, but I've got a blacksmith shop to get back on it's feet, so-"

"No! You must come. It is very important that you become a ninja, because...we must harness the fire within you"

Past Amanda crossed her arms. "Sensei, what's going on?"

"Kai, maybe there's a reason this man came into our lives. Father always said the world works in mysterious ways. I think it sounds kind of exciting"

Past Amanda smiled. "I like your spirit. It won't be easy though. But from what I saw, you look like you can hold a fight"

Kai slightly shook his head, then smiled at his sister. "If you want to become a ninja, fine by me. But I'm only going because you want to"

The present ninja watched. "Oh great he's going!"

"Future is saved!"

"Not so fast. We still have to make sure that's he's a ninja, to get things back on track"
The skeletons were driving down a desert road. "Do you see one tree or two?"

"Two you imbecile!"

"Stop fooling around! We failed our mission, and Lord Garmadon is really going to let us have it!"

"I just wanted to know if I was seeing double. I thought I saw the same ninja twice back there"

"Double? So, the ninja followed me here"

"Great" Bizarro Amanda crossed her arms. "Can't we do anything fun without them ruining it?"

"They think they can stop me? They're annoying as they are troublesome! Well ,two can play at this game"
At the monastery, past Kai and Nya were training, but Nya was the only one doing any real training. The present ninja were watching. Wu walked up to past Kai. "You must harness the fire within you Kai"

Kai was hit with a punching bag. He got up and sighed. "Yeah yeah..."

Present Kai groaned. "I'm worthless!"

"Eh, only now at least. Then again, I guess not much has changed" Amanda kicked Sarah's foot, so that she slid. "Gah!" Sarah grabbed the roof before she fell. "Remember, monastery on a cliff!"

"Relax, there's a ledge...maybe"

"It's like you don't even want to be a ninja"

"Look I told you, the only reason I became a ninja was to rescue my sister"

"If Kai doesn't learn to become a ninja, our future will be destroyed"

"Even when Garmadon does something good, it's always something evil!"

"Sensei's not really helping, time to take matters into our hands"

"I thought we weren't supposed to get involved! Change anything, change everything?"

"That was before Garmadon altered the past and changed the future. Now we gotta clean up the mess"

Kim sighed. "Like we do always..."

"He's right. The only way to save our future is for Kai to find his fire"

"What are you trying to say Zane?"

"I'm saying we have to give Kai his motivation back. We have to kidnap Nya and deliver her to the hands of the skeletons"

"Alright, if that's the only way, then I might have an idea on how to talk some sense into myself" They started to leave when Kai saw Amanda was still on the roof, watching down. He joined back up with her. "What's wrong"

She sighed. Past Amanda kept looking at Kai, who wasn't giving any effort into anything, then she shrugged and looked away, back at Nya. "Kai...I'm scared..."

"Of what?"

"Us. Look, I...don't care. Because there's no fire there. Kai...I fell in love you with because of your fire, your passion to protect and save your sister...Kai..." Amanda grabbed his hand and he saw that she had tears in her eyes. "I don't want to loose you"

Kai squeezed her hand. "That won't happen, we're going to fix everything. I promise"
That night, the ninja put their plan into action. The girls and Cole, jay and Zane snuck into Nya's room.

"Sorry girl, but it's for the sake of the future" Sarah whispered.

Okay, time to play our part while Kai keeps himself distracted" They all took skeleton masks out of the bag they brought. They nabbed Nya, startling her awake.
Past Kai was brushing his teeth. He gargled and spit, and while he did that, present Kai took the mirror out. Past Kai looked at the mirror. "Huh?"

"Hey dummy!" Past Kai jumped back. "Yeah, I'm talking to you!"


"Would you get your head on straight and start listening to Sensei? The fate of the world kinda rest on it!"
The other ninja walked along the roof, Jay holding Nya in the bag. "Unhand me, skeletons!"

Jay sighed. "Oh, I'm sorry Nya..."

"How do you know my name? When my brother finds out about this, you'll be sorry!"

"Hey guys, we've got company!" They saw the other ninja, their past selves.

"Hey, that us?" They looked up and saw them.

"Lower your masks, so they don't recognize you!" they lowered their masks and jumped down to the training area.

They started to fight. Jay was fighting himself, trying to step on his feet, while his past self was doing the same.

Sarah was fighting her past self. Past self however wasn't as accurate and missed a lot. "Geez, was I that bad?"

On the roof, Cole, Zane and Amanda were fighting the others. "Be careful with them, I don't want to leave a mark"

Nya was still on the roof, Kim holding her so that she didn't fall. "Kai! Help!"
Meanwhile, present Kai was still talking to past Kai. "So you see, that's why you should really put effort into being a ninja!"

"huh...guess that makes sense...gee, my conscious makes a really good point!"

"On another do you feel about Amanda?"

"Amanda? She's nice enough, but she doesn't seem to care about me-wait, why am I bringing this up? What am I trying to say?"

"Why else, dummy? Maybe you like her and don't realize it"

"Huh...I have noticed that she does look pretty cute-"

"Kai! Help!" At that point, they heard the fight and Nya's cry for help.

"Nya!" Past Kai started to leave.

"Hey, come back! I wasn't done talking to you!"

"Why? You're just my reflection!" Past Kai went back to the mirror.

Present Kai then punched him, knocking him out. "Sorry, but I can't have you ruining our plans"
Present Kai ran outside, just as Kim lost her grip on a squirming Nya. "Why must time travel be so hard?!" Kai climbed up the roof. "Guys! Let's get out of here! Whoa!" An arrow planted just by his foot.

"Come back here! Give her back!" Past Amanda was on the training ground, putting an arrow in her bow.

"Oooh, we forgot about her. Run!" They all left, knocking their past selves down.

It was that time Wu and past Kai made it outside. "They took Nya!"

"Huh?! They took my sister?! NO!"

"We'll get your sister back. But first, I want you to meet your team"

The ninja watched from the roof. "Looks like the fire returned"

"Thank goodness" They left.
They were in the woods. "All we have to do to put everything back on track is to deliver Nya to the skeletons"

"Hopefully they're still here. I don't know how we'll get there without 'borrowing' our dragons and screwing up time even more"

"they should be, they wouldn't go back having to face Garmadon without completing their mission" They jumped along the trees, until they saw them just up ahead.
The skeletons were around a fire, laughing and joking. Samukai hit one of them. "This is no time to be celebrating, we didn't get the girl! How would you like to go back to the underworld to tell him that we failed!"

The skeleton grumbled and walked away, sitting by a tree. The ninja were about him and they threw Nya down. "Hopefully Nya doesn't remember this and hold a grudge..." Sarah whispered and Kim nodded.

The skeleton below opened the bag and saw Nya. "Uh, Samukai, how would you like to go back to the underworld to tell him...we succeeded?"
Samukai, back in the underworld, was talking to past Lord Garmadon. "Master, we have the girl"

""Good"" The voice chuckled.

Present Garmadon and Bizarro Amanda were around the corner, waiting until Samukai left. He left and they stepped into the open.

"Oooooh" Bizarro Amanda twirled. "I like this place. It feels like home"

They caught the attention of past Garmadon. ""What is the meaning of this?!""

"It is I, your future self"

"And your future right hand woman" Bizarro Amanda bowed.

""How can it be?""

"I know you are searching for the golden weapons! And it is because of them that I have gone back in time! And stand before you now"

""I don't understand. You have...I have four arms?""

"The arms, everyone always says something about the arms..."

Present Garmadon glared at her, then turned back to his past self. "Yes, and I need your hep to get rid of the ninja once and for all! Listen carefully" Past Garmadon knelt down to present Garmadon and present Garmadon whispered to him.

""That is truly evil!"" All three of them laughed.
The ninja were over their past selves, who were sound asleep. "Why are we still here? I thought everything was back on track?"

"Yeah but we have to make sure all goes as plan"

"It looked that way in the beginning, so who's to say it won't happen again?"

"So what exactly happens next?"

"Okay, we now have most of the golden weapons. Shadow Garmadon should have my sister and Ashlynn still. And in about one minute, I get woken up and tricked into taking the sword of fire and unleashing the greatest enemy in all of Ninjago"

By that time, past Kai had woken up. "Nya!" He ran after the illusion.

They started to run, when an arrow suddenly pierced the tree in front of Kim, who yelped and squeaked.

"Uh oh..."

"Keep going, I'll hold...myself off! Make sure all goes to plan!" The others kept running and Amanda pulled her bow out. She notched an arrow. "Come on down...I'll only use this if I have to"

Past Amanda jumped from a tree, an arrow notched in her bow. "That's my line...why do you know my line?"

Present Amanda slowly slowered her arrow and took her mask off, making past Amanda gasp. "Why else?"


"You, basically, but from the future. And right now, we're trying to fix some problems to keep our future"

"How...How do I know you're telling the truth?"

Amanda smiled. "Kai is pretty cute when he talks about saving his sister, huh?"

Past Amanda blushed and lowered her arrow. "Yeah, that' What happened?"

"I can't explain, I'm probably just messing up time now...but it's urgent. I have to help my friends" Past Amanda stood there, then nodded. "Don't say a word, okay?" she started to turn. "And hey. Tell Kai. He'll feel the same about our feelings" She took off, after the others.
They had gotten to the fire temple. They got inside and hid as past Kai walked in. "This is where I steal the sword of fire and cut Ashlynn and my sister down. Then I get attacked by my own shadpw"

The chain holding Nya and Ashlynn start to lower. "Nya!" Past Kai ran for her.

""Tick Tock. Tick Tock"" a voice boomed over. Past Kai made no hesitation in grabbing the sword and cutting them down. They were on the other side of the boiling lava when Shadow Garmadon appeared in front of them.

"You can't hurt us! You're only a shadow!"

""This time, I'm actually much more!""

"Wait, he never said that before. Somethings different..."

At that moment, present Garmadon stepped in front of them. "G-Garmadon? But you're supposed to be trapped in the underworld!"

"Oh, there's so much more you son't know!" Bizarro Amanda laughed from an upper edge. They took their stances.

""Go future me! Destroy him!"" They rushed each other.

"We need to do something! I won't last a chance against Garmadon's four arms!" Kai got an idea. "Wait, that's it!"

Garmadon swung his weapon at past Kai. He then knocked it out of his hands and stalked closer to them. Ashlynn clung to Nya. "H-Help! Someone help!"

At that moment, present Kai jumped in front of them, the sword in his hands. ""Two Kais?!""

"Aw yeah!"

"Guess I have four arms too!" Garmadon ran after him, swiping the weapon. Kai didged, then kicked him back. Past Kai ran over and he flipped over on present Kai's back, landing crouching. He took present Kai's hand and swung him so that he ran on the wall, and kicked Garmadon back again.

Zane and Kim then jumped in the fight. Garmadon tried to back up, but he ran into Cole and Sarah. "Going somewhere?"

"Now we've got you!" Cole tried to wrestle the weapon from his hands, then Bizarro Amanda landed down there. She grabbed Sarah and threw her, then Garmadon flipped Cole over, crashing them into the others. "I think it's safe to say the past has drastically changed!"

The two Garmadons and Bizarro Amanda laughed. Zane got up. "I was thinking about that. It could be possilbe to erase the events that have happened so far by destroying the mega weapon that brought us here in the first place"

"You mean we destroy that weapon, everything goes back to normal?"


"Getting a little tired of hearing 'theoretically', can't just once our answer be 'defiantly'?"

"But how? Nothing can destroy the mega weapon!"

"Only a weapon of equal power has any chance of stopping it!"

"Like maybe these weapons?" Jay and Amanda were in the entry way, holding the rest of the golden weapons.

"The golden weapons!"

"Yeah, I thought these might come in handy"

"So me and Jay...'borrowed' them" They tossed them to the others.

"No time to find out how you got these! We have to destroy the mega weapon once and for all!"

Sarah put on her bracelets. " we have to destroy our golden weapons?"


"Okay, okay! I get it, no victory without sacrifice, I got it!"

"Fire!" Kai fired a fire beam at the mega weapon.







Their elemental beams surrounded the weapon. "No! what are you doing?!"

"Stop it!"

"Ninja-go!" The elemental beams suspended it in the air. It started shaking and glowing. It then pulled the weapons away from the ninja. They then fused together and shot into space. There was an explosion of a firework effect.

The temple started to shake. Nya started to fade. "Nya! What's happening!?" Past Kai faded away too. The temple was collapsing. There was a flash...

And it went white.
"Um...did we...?"

"Did we just?" The ninja were back on the ship, in the training room.

"Return to the future?"

"Woo!" Sarah whooped. "Time line sweet time line!"

"This feels familiar...didn't we just train Lloyd?"

"The time line was changed and there is no green ninja!"

"Or dragon...Ashlynn, no..."

"Lloyd..." The ninja all stood there, morning, when the door knob jiggled.

"Sorry I'm late guys. Are we ready to get training?" Lloyd and Ashlynn walked in.

"You guys are still here!" They hugged them.

"Uh, yeah? why wouldn't we be?"

"Amanda, let go, I can't breathe"

"Not a chance"

"So, when we went back in time to destroy Garmadon's weapon, that didn't change anything?"

"My father has a mega weapon?"

"What are you guys talking about?" Ashlynn struggled to get out of Amanda's hold. "And what's up with you guys?"

Kai picked up a watermelon that was there. "Wait, you've never heard of it?" Kai threw it up in the air and cut it with his sword.

"I think I would remember that! Why, what is it? Should we be worried?"

They all laughed. "Seriously, what is up with you guys?"

"Yeah, what's so funny?" Lloyd took Kai's sword and threw his watermelon slice up in the air and sliced it some more. when he caught it, it was cut into a dragon.

Kai chuckled. "I think some thing are better left in the past. C'mon, let's just prepare for the future"
HOLD DEAR GOD FINALLY! Geez, I am so damn sorry for taking so long, I was putting this off for so long! After this, it should change. And I'm a little excited for the next chapter, so it should be sooner.

But remember, I started school, and this year is going to take so long...Again, so sorry for the delay, I hope you enjoyed!
Ninjago Rewritten book 3 ch.6
It's here, I'm sorry for it being so late! 

There are a lot of spelling errors because I spent an entire day writing this to get it done. You are all welcome
Lego Self by silverninja01
Lego Self
I made a Lego me! (more procrastination! ((I will work on the story this weekend I promise!))) 

I'm happy with the lego's I draw, I haven't drawn a (proper) lego in a while! 
Past by silverninja01
If anyone remembers, this relates to Amanda's past, It was in book two, maybe chapter...10? I can't remember..

Speaking of book, I'm so sorry for taking so long, I've started my last year of school, and I've...kinda lost motivation, I will get to it, I promise! 
So, I'm sorry the next chapter of the rewritten is taking so long (I really don't want to do it, but I have too...), but school is coming up soon. Luckily, it's my last year of required torture, so I just got to buck through it. I'll try and write whenever I can, but stories will take longer (as if they haven't already...) 

I'm really sorry about this, I truly am. I'm just a procrastinator and really lazy is all. 

But still stay tuned for everything, okay? Thank you all to who are staying with me on this. 
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I'm dorky, fun, and creative. That's all I'll say

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SaSmaug Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Artist
Thank You for the favourite!:happybounce: I am a dummy!
LilyLovesFanart Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Student General Artist
Hey, you win a Llama badge from my group TheBadgeFactory, i went to the random deviant and you are the last one for this hour.
silverninja01 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you
LilyLovesFanart Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Student General Artist
bloodcoveredfangirl Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the fav
bloodcoveredfangirl Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav XD
BlossomRed12 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
thank you for fav ^^
Gvillacorta18 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
aquaglow2 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Student Writer
thanks for the fave! 
aquaglow2 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks for the support! (I'm actually taking down the wip and replacing it with the finished version in a bit) 
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