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I'm so sorry I've taken so long with these! I have had no time to do anything! I've just been busy with work and school...I'm sorry...

Anyway, after so damn long, here is the next chapter!

Disclaimer: I do not own Ninjago, just my OCs
Zane looked through a telescope."Hm...most peculiar...Yesterday there was just ocean...But now there is an island" He handed it to Wu and he looked through.

"The Dark Island Zane. And what I find more peculiar, is that after Ninjago city was attacked by the stone army, today they have vanished"

"Do you think they are on this dark island? Garmadon may be responsible!"

"I fear that too. But what is most that we find out what is on that island"

Zane's falcon squawked. "Perhaps my falcon can have a look" The falcon flapped his wings, then took off.
The rest of the ninja were working on the ship. Jay was wrenching something when a stream of oil spewed in his face. "Ug! Useless pile of junk!"

Nya sighed. "It's worse than I feared...The rotors on the starboard booster are completely destroyed! The port boosters are shot from the strain. Sorry guys. she's not getting airborne any time soon..."

Sarah groaned. "Out of all the things this boats been through, a couple broken engines are keeping her grounded?"

Amanda shook her head. "We should be glad that this time she's in one piece"

"So, if the stone army attacks again, we're sitting ducks!"

"Uh, ducks fly Cole. Weren't you listening?"

"We got our tails handed to us! And we couldn't even stop one of them! I hate feeling helpless"

"Hey, we did all we could fire boy. There wasn't anything else we could do!"

"Sarah's right Kai. I have a feeling even with our powers, we might not have been able to do anything"

Wu and Zane walked over. "Amanda is right. We mustn't give up hope though"

"But the stone army is indestructible! You saw it! At best, all my powers could do was slow them down!"

"That's not entirely true" Misako walked up. "There is a way to defeat them, and it is told within the scrolls"
Misako rolled out a scroll on the table in the bridge. "The prophecy states that the power to defeat the stone army lies within the green ninja"

"I tried! I gave them everything I had!"

"Yes. But you are stronger than you think. Look. The power of the green ninja can only be unlocked when his seven protectors find their own pure elemental powers"

"Are we the seven protectors?"

"Uh, duh!"

"Of course we are!"

Sarah and Jay paused, then looked at Misako. ""Right?""

Zane called attention. "If we are the protectors, then we're doomed"

"Oh, way to bring up the mood Zane"

Kim stepped forward. "But he's right. Our golden weapons don't exist anymore"

"We cannot tap into our elemental powers without them"

"He's right...we have no way to channel our energy"

"Not necessarily. There is a way to unlock your powers on your own. We must go to the temple of light"

"Temple of light? What's that?"

"Is that anything like Sunlight Peak?"

Kim shook her head. "I've never head anything like it"

Misako took another scroll out. "The gold for the weapons was obtained in the golden peaks. But the weapons themselves were forged in the temple of light. A powerful place that I believed only existed in legend"

"Where is it? I've never heard of any place like that in Ninjago"

"You don't's on the dark island, do you?"

"Our only choice is to find out"

"We can get our powers back? Alright!"


Nya cleared her throat. "There's still one big problem. The bounty can't fly"

"It's a ship right? Can't it sail?"

Uh duh!"

"Of course it can!"


Lloyd walked down to the infirmary to tell Ashlynn their plan. She was able to move, but she couldn't shift and there was still a chance that her wounds could open again.

Lloyd gulped. He had it realize he had fallen in love with one of his best friends. How would she react? Scared or the same way?

He got to the door and gripped the handle. "Hey, Ashlynn, we're-" He opened the door and froze.

Ashlynn was dressed...well, half dressed, she had her pants on, but no shirt. Her back was to him. While her hair covered her back mostly, he could sill see her bandages and some skin. And-

Ashlynn stiffened and clutched her shirt to her chest. "LLOYD!" Lloyd snapped back to reality and blushed, slamming the door. "Knock and wait for an answer next time!"

"S-Sorry!" He looked around to make sure no one saw that. He cleared his throat. "I uh...I came to tell you that we're planning on sailing off. We think there's a way for the ninja to get their powers back"

"Really? How?"

"There's a temple, and we have an idea that it's on the Dark Island"

The door opened and Ashlynn, fully dressed, stood there. "Really? I thought the ship couldn't fly?"

"It can't, but we're gonna sail there"

"That's a lot of ocean to get through"

"Yeah...but we have no choice"
Everyone was at the docks, bidding the ninja farewell.

Jay was with his mom and which his mom was trying to be sincere, but embarrassing him. "Now, promise me you'll eat your vegetables?"


"I mean it! You get sluggish when you don't get enough vitamins. Ed! Tell him that if he's going to save the world he has to eat his vegetables!"

Ed just looked at Jay, then at Edna. "Eh...Do what your mother says"

Cole hugged his father. "I...Don't know what to say..."

"You don't have to say anything..."

"You're right..." Lou held Cole at arms length. "I don't have to say anything. But I do have to sing!" He gestured to the royal blacksmiths behind him.

"~Who's gonna save Ninjago's hide? Who's gonna make a dad swell with pride? Cole is! Cole does! Cole, Cole, Cole!~"

Everyone around them applauded. Cole blinked to make the tears go away. He hugged his dad. "That's the sweetest thing I've ever head pop..."

Sarah hugged her mom. "I promise, I'll be okay"

Her mom sighed. "I know its never get used to your baby girl going off again..."

Sarah smiled. "Don't worry..." Sarah leaned back to look at her. "This time I'll defiantly be coming back"

Her father put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. "We're so proud of you Sarah" she smiled and hugged them both.

Kai, Nya, and Amanda were talking with Dareth. "Now Dareth, as the honorary brown ninja, we're entrusting you with protecting Ninjago and tending to the dragons. Are you up to the tasks?"

Amanda crossed her arms and smirked. "It won't be easy, but there's no one else we believe can do this task"

"I won't let you guys down!" Dareth turned to everyone. "You hear that? I'm officially the brown ninja!" Everyone cheered. He turned to the group. "Oooh, what's my elemental power?"

" air?"

"So i command the wind as well! Cool" Amanda opened her mouth, then shut it. No need to correct him...for anything.

Lloyd was flying on his dragon and the other three, watching everyone. The dragon moaned. "You need to stay here big guy" He growled. "These people need your protection. All of you" The other three dragons roared.

Zane was on the ship watching everyone. He sighed. Wu walked up behind him. "Is there anyone you would like to say good bye to?"

"...The only one I would have to would be Kim, and only if she would be staying behind. My only family is the falcon. And my only memory of my father was nearly erased...I will miss Ninjago, for it's all I'll know...but I am excited to see what the future has in store"

"Well, my nindroid friend. There are a few people that would like to say good bye to you" Wu gestured to a small fan club of Zane followers. Zane smiled.

He looked out over the crowd until he saw Kim. She was talking to some of the medical assistance and doctors that came along with the evacuation. Kim pulled through last night. While everyone else slept, she ran through most of the night helping anyone she can. She says she isn't strong, but Zane has seen her true strength.

Kim waved a hand of good bye and turned, seeing Zane and a woman plowed her with a hug.

"Oh, Kim! You're safe!"

Kim struggled to get out of the woman's strong hug. "Gah! Alicia! Let go! I can't breathe!"

The woman, Alicia, Kim's old friend, put her down. Alicia was taller than Kim, which didn't say much because Kim was short. She had wild, tangled red hair and a pale complexion. She wasn't overweight, but she had a strong build.

She held Kim by the shoulders. "My goodness, I was so worried!"

"I'm okay, what are you doing here?"

"Had to come here to get supplies for the inn! Then there was...that attack! but thank the spinjitzu master you'll alright!" She hugged Kim tight again, lifting her off her feet.

"Gack! Alicia!"

Zane chuckled. She was fine.

Wu looked out over everyone.

"Pupils, it's time we set sail!"

"Well, see you everyone!"


They all got on the ship and pulled the anchor up. They hoisted the sail and started to leave port. The ninja all moved to the back of the ship.

"Jay!" Edna waved at him. "Did you sure to pack clean underwear?!"

Jay blushed. "Yes!" He covered his face and groaned. "Mom..."

The others laughed. Sarah pat his shoulders. "Don't worry Jay it's something mom's do"
Everyone was up front, even Ashlynn, who was down below resting (Doctors orders according to Kim) during the goodbyes. She leaned against the railing and closed her eyes as the wind blew. "Mmm...that wonderful ocean air"

Amanda leaned on the railing with her arms. "You can say that again..."

Sarah stretched. "We've got a long journey, so we might as well enjoy this while we can" Kim nodded in agreement.

Zane walked up to them. Cole looked back. "Still nothing from your falcon?"

"Not yet..." Zane stood over by Kim. She placed her hand over his.

Kai looked out over the large stretch of water. "I wonder what's out there?"

"An entirely new ecosystem?"

"Never before seen creatures?"

"Maybe we'll find a powerful and lost treasure"

"Oh! Vegetables that taste like dessert?"

Sarah laughed. "I hear ya on that one!"

Amanda sighed. "Whatever is out there, we can handle it"

Kai crossed his arms. "Hope the stone army is there. They may have gotten the best of us once, but never again!"

"You said it!"

"Here here!"

Ashlynn smirked. "I'm not going to hold back anything this time. I'll crush every stone warrior in my claws"

Lloyd stared at the water, then turned to the others. "I wonder if it is the end of our destiny..."

They all got quiet and looked at each other. Kai looked at Lloyd. "If it is, there isn't anyone else I'd rather have by my side"

"Here here!"

"You said it"

Ashlynn smiled. "Heart of Warriors and Spirits of Dragons..." Amanda chuckled.

Zane stiffened and his eyes turned solid blue. "Zane?"

"My falcon has arrived at the dark island!"
Zane plugged in a wire, connected to some goggles he wore. They were looking at an island. "Now we can all see"

"We're looking though the eyes of the falcon?"

"Cool, Zane!"

Everyone watched. The falcon flew over the island.

Ashlynn squinted at the screen. "Hey, whats that?"

A stone warrior on the beach threw a boomerang at the falcon and it hit dead on. There was static and the picture died.

Zane flew back a little from shock, the goggles flying off. "Zane!" Kim rushed over and helped him sit up. "Are you okay?"

"The falcon...he's...gone..."

Wu stood up. "We don't know that..."

"It was a spot on hit though..." Amanda punched Sarah's shoulder. "Ow! But uh...I'm sure he'll be okay!"

Nay came over and helped get him up. "Zane...I'm so sorry"

Kai walked over. "He was our friend. We won't let him go in vain. If the stone army wants a fight, they got one!"

Misako called attention. "Well, thats going to have to wait..."

Amanda pointed out the window. "We're heading for a storm!" Giant black clouds started rolling towards them.
Thunder and lightening crashed on the dark island. The stone warriors were working on something in a pit.

Garmadon and Bizarro Amanda walked to a set of escalators. Garmadon stepped on and it started going down. Before Bizarro Amanda stepped on, the Overlord stopped her.

"Hey, what the big idea?!"

""Down some of the most evilest substances...on the are too the go near it...""

"Hmmph..." Bizarro Amanda crossed her arms.

Meanwhile, Garmadon got to the bottom."This is foolish!I have an unbeatable army to help conquer Ninjago...and yet we waste time playing in the mud?!"

The Overord floated down to him. ""What you call concentrated evil! A dark matter...that with one drop...can make a mans heart turn black as night! Have patience Garmadon...the celestial clock ticks backwards to doomsday...and cannot be stopped. Your time will come. What we must prepare...we must rebuild a super which the likes of which have never before been seen!""

Garmadon smiled. "A super weapon...I like the sound of that!" He cackled.
The ninja fought with the sail to try and keep it open.

"Hold the line!"

"The winds are too strong!"

Amanda shielded her eyes, then grabbed the rope. "We shouldn't have the sail up, it'll tear!"

"We've got no choice!" Everyone pulled.

Zane looked back at Jay. "We need everyone's help Jay!"

Jay was hiding off deck. "But I don't want to get wet! I...I only have one pair of underwear!"

Kai glared back at Jay. "Jay, this is no time to be making jokes! The bounty can only take so much!"

"You think I'm trying to be funny?!"

"Thats gross Jay!"

They all heard something...laughter?

Jay scoffed. "Okay, go ahead laugh! But see who laughs when I have to go commando!"

"Trust me Jay!" Sarah struggled with the rope. "No one is going to be laughing when that happens!"

"Then stop laughing at me!"

"We're not! Who's laughing?!"
In the bridge the others were getting tossed around. Ashlynn leaned against the console. "This storm is merciless!"

They all heard laughter.

"And it sounds like the ocean is getting a kick out of this, it's laughing!"

Misako looked out the window. "That's not laughter..."

"What is it then?"

Something hit the back window and they looked. They looked like starfish, but that had teeth and were trying to eat the window. No...

"Are those things eating the glass, what is that?!"

The ninja on deck heard it. "Uh guys? Why is the sea laughing at us?"

Jay whimpered. "And why do I get the feeling we're not gonna get the joke?"

"No, but here comes a punch line!" Sarah pointed. "Wave!"

A wave crashed into the ship and something flew on deck.

"Hey what's that?" Cole let go of the rope to look. The ninja were pulled forward.

"I'm coming!" Jay ran out and grabbed the rope as a wave washed on deck, soaking them. "Aw, perfect!"

"Cole!" Sarah grunted as she pulled the rope. "A warning next time!"

Cole walked over to whatever washed up on deck. "It looks like...some sort of fish" He picked it up and it flashed it's teeth at him.

"Wait!" Misako ran on deck. "We mustn't let the starteeth on board! They destroy ships! They'll eat our ship until we drown!"

The starteeth Cole was holding bit his hand. "OW! It bit me!" He dropped it and a small group flopped for the rope. They jumped on the rope and started eating.

The rope snapped and the ninja fell and slip into the railing. A giant group flopped on board and laughed.

Sarah growled. "This isn't funny!"

Amanda brushed her hair from her face. "We need to get them off the ship!"

They started grabbing them and throwing them over board.

"Faster! Or we'll sink!"

Kim chuckled two. "It's hard to see them with all this rain and impossible to hear anything with all this laughing!"

Sarah pulled one off her leg and chucked it. "I don't know how they're having such a good time!"

Jay was pulling them off the mast when a couple got on his back. "GAH! GET THEM OFF ME!

"Use your spinjituz!"

"Ninja-go!" Jay spun, and threw the starteeth off him...and onto the sail. "O-kay, bad idea"

"Seems to work for me! Ninja-go!" Sarah spun, picking them up off the deck.

""Ninja-go!"" The others followed suit, spinning and picking them up. They chucked them over the side.

""Hah! Sink your teeth into that!"

Jay heard a noise and turned. Some were eating the chain. "They eat through metal too?!"

"Guys!" Lloyd pointed to the side. "We have a problem!" Starteeth had eaten a huge hole in the side.

"We're gonna sink!"

Jay groaned. "I should have brought an extra pair of underwear..."
The storm was over. The ninja were all pailing the water out.

Kai sighed. "This is great! With no rutter we've been drifting aimlessly! We'll never get to the dark island!"

"We is only foretold what will happen, not when"

"When, where, why, what and how" Sarah dumped a bucket out. "None of that matters if we can't solve it-" A starteeth fell and landed on Sarah's head. She screamed. "GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!"

Amanda and Cole pulled it off and Cole threw it. Cole turned to a gasping Sarah. "you okay?"

"No, I'm not okay!"

Kim gulped. "O-okay, everyone calm down! Let's all just relax and-" Zane dropepd his bucket and startled Kim. "Okay, not that much- Zane? What's wrong?"

Zane walked to the hole and looked out. "I sense something..."

"The falcon?"

"Dry land?"

"No its..." He saw something out from the mist. "Something else! Brace yourselves!"

They crashed into the island at full force.


They heard a loud thump upstairs and a yelp of pain. "Ashlynn!" Amanda and Kim ran up to the infirmary.

Sarah stumbled up. "O-kay, that happened..."

"Well...dry land..."

"Finally...I wonder-"

"Guys! Problem!" They looked at each other and ran up.
Kim was pressing something on Ashlynn's opened side. "The crash and fall was enough to make her wound open. The problem is, I have no more supplies!

Ashlynn was pale. "I-I'm...fine..."

"You're loosing blood that we can't replace"

Lloyd frowned. Nothing happened to her and she was still hurt. He looked out the window to the building. "Who would build a light house all the way out here?"

"It's not a light house..." They all looked at Zane. "Its a prison"

"If it's a prison, then there are supplies. Maybe they'll be willing to spare something"
They started climbing the stairs. "Geez...why have so many stairs?!" Sarah panted.

"No joke, I-" Amanda stopped mid-sentence as they all heard a groan from the water.

Jay moaned. "I should have brought an extra pair of underwear..."

Wu squinted at the ocean. "Mysterious"

Amanda looked out. "The ocean isn't empty...something knows we're here"

"Then we better hurry" Kim and Lloyd were supporting Ashlynn. "I don't know how much longer Ashlynn is going to make it before she goes unconscious" Ashlynn was looking incredibly pale.

They walked up the stairs and got to the door. A camera zoomed down to them.

"Should we smile?"

"Well, good news. Someones home"

"But are they a friend or foe?"

They heard footsteps go to the door and it opened. An old man with a large smile on his face was there, he looked like a scientist...and familiar.

"Zane! Is it really you? You found me!" He hugged Zane tight. Zane was speechless, this was...

"Um..." Lloyd cleared his throat. "Do you know him?"

"Of course I know him! I built him for heavens sake!"

Zane was almost speechless." memory tells me that you have passed"

"Ah, you found your memory switch-" A roar came from the ocean. Zane's father gulped. "Hurry! It can't know you're here! If it see's you, there will be dues to pay!"

Jay gulped. "It?"

"I'll explain everything inside" He turned to Zane. "Including to you why you thought I was dead" They all went inside.

Nya looked back at the ship. "Well, the bounty's sailing days are over..."

Amanda put a hand on her shoulder. "It'll be fine Nya" they heard the moan again. "But we need to get inside"

Zane's father locked the door. "Locking" He put a wood beam across the door. "Barricading" He turned to a camera system and looked. "And checking" He sighed. "i think we're safe"

"Ashlynn!" Ashlynn almost slumped to the floor, Kim and Lloyd trying to keep her up.

"Hurry. This way" He led them all up the stairs. They got to a room, a workshop.

He walked over to a table and cleared it then put a tarp over. "Put her here" Kim and Lloyd placed her on the table. She was pale, and there was blood everywhere.

"This isn't good..." She turned to Zane's father. "Do you have any thread and needle? I'll also need some cloth"

"Yes of course. The rest of you have a seat. I imagine you're all thirsty"

"Seat?" Zane scratched his head. "Where?"

He pulled a switch and a table popped up from the floor.


"A technical wizard" The others sat at the table while he got a needle and thread for Kim and some scraps of cloth. "I hope these will help"

She nodded and took them. "They should. Thank you"

"Here" He pulled another lever and a curtain wall covered that part.

"Thank you. Lloyd, go sit with the others, I've got it..."

Lloyd stood there for a second then sat down with the others. Zane's father hit a button once everyone was settled down and a little robot came out holding cups. It moved over to the table and jumped up, placing a cup in front of everyone.

"Aw, that is so cute!" It jumped off the table and took the teapot from the professor. He jumped back on the table and started pouring tea. When it got to Jay, Jay moved the cup and it tried to follow.

"Jay, leave it alone!"

"What, I'm just having some-" The robot poured the tea directly into his lap. He jumped up in pain and the others laughed. It poured the rest of the tea and jumped off the table...and almost ran into Kim.

"Oh, hello" She knelt down and held out her hand. "May I see that?" It looked at the pot, then gave it to her. "Thank you" She disappeared back behind the curtain.

Zane's father rubbed his chin. "Your friend seems..."

Amanda sipped her tea. "That's Kim. She's the doctor of our group, and our friend got hurt badly on the way here. We didn't have an supplies, but Kim knows how to work with what she has"

Sarah batted her eyelashes. "She's also Zane's significant other" Amanda nudged her. "What, what did I do?!"

"Significant other?" Zane's father looked at him and saw him looking at blueprints for Zane. He walked over.

"Father...I don't understand. I saw you pass"

"Yes you did. And believe me when I tell you, I thought I was kaput! But as you know in Ninjago, the past is the past"

"And there is always the future"

"Yes" He turned to Zane. "But after I turned off your memory switch, what you didn't see was bonehead Samukai reviving me with a special elixir"

Sarah looked at him. "Tch...he shouldn't have done that"

Amanda raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"There are rules of life. Reviving someone is prohibited. Samukai was a loophole, he was already dead, so 'karma' isn't going to do anything"

"Wait, Karma is a real thing?"

"It's like a life police officer. Goes around making sure that the rules of life aren't being broken. If Samukai was alive, then Karma would have done something...but since he's not..."

"How do you know this?"

"Hello, my element is life! I have to know these things. And I uh...kinda heard about it from word of life lines..."

Amanda looked at Zane's father. "What happened? Why did he revive you?"

"He wanted me to make state of the art war machine's for his army. But I refused. So they locked me up here. He said if I did make the machines, I would be able to see my son again. And to make sure I didn't escape, he chained a leviathan to keep guard"

"A leviathan? Is that what we heard in the ocean?"

"Yes. When Samuaki didn't return, I thought I would never see you again...but as so much time has passed...I started to question if you ever wanted to see me again...I was afraid that...if you found out what horrible things I've created, you would think I was...a monster..."

Zane put a hand on his shoulder. "We will get you out of here father. Now that we are together, perhaps we can invent a way off this rock"

"As long as a small shred of light exist, there is no true darkness" Kim stepped out from behind the curtain, wiping her hands with a rag. "Zane is right. There can be a way to get out of here"

"Maybe he could repair the boosters on our ship!" jay pointed out the window.

"That sailing ship has boosters?!"

Nya walked over. "Well, the rotors and gears are shot-"

"Ah, pish posh! No matter! I'll have your ship air worthy by dawn!"

There was a roar and a moan and the water started to churn. The tower shook.

"It's an earth quake!"

Lloyd got Ashlynn off the table, who woke up. "Wh-What's g-going on? A-An earthquake?"

"No..." Something rose from the water. "It's something much worse...He's here! everyone hide!"

They all ran to a hiding spot. As they did, a tentacle with an eye moved up and looked through the window. Zane's father whispered. "Nobody make a sound..." He turned and smiled to the creature. "Well, if it isn't my old chum!" It blinked and moved over to look at the cups. The professor flipped them and started to tap them with chopsticks. "Eh, just marching to the beat of my own drum! You know, doing what I can to pass the time! Since I'm so, you know...alone"

It groaned and slid back into the water. The ninja came out from their hiding placed. Sarah looked out tot he water. "Poor thing...did you hear it?"

"Yeah, a bunch of monster noises!"

"Yeah, but the way they's sad...and being chained to the ocean floor..."

Amanda put a hand on her shoulder. "Let's focus on getting out of here first"

"If we're going to fix the bounty to get out of here, we better hurry. Before it gets back"
They started building. They made plans and gathered any item they could to rebuild the bounty. They worked all day, fixing the boat and the sail.

At dusk, Zane and his father were up in the tower. Zane had made his father a meal and he sighed in satisfaction. "I say, I have never had such a meal in all my life! Where did you learn to cook? I never programmed that into you"

Zane took the dishes from the little robot. "I guess I just...picked it up" He put the dishes in the sink. "Father...If i wanted you to make a change in me...would you?"

"A change?"

"An alteration"

"But Zane! You're perfect! I couldn't make you any better than you already are"

"But I see no reason for me to have a memory switch...I happen to like my life, and I don't want to forget anything" He walked to the window and looked at his friends building the boat. "I don't want to forget my experiences, my adventures, my friends..." He looked at Kim, sewing the sail. "I don't want to forget her...and I don't want to forget you..."

His father put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry my son. We will both never forget" Zane looked up at him and he smiled. "I'm glad you found me"

Zane hugged him. "I'm glad you made me..."His father hugged back...

They heard a roar. The leviathan was back! They ran down and outside. Everyone on board! It's coming!"

Several tentacles rose from the water. "It's here!"

"I don't know about you, but I want outta here!"

"Get us out of here Nya!" everyone ran on board.

Nya ran in the bridge. "I hope she's ready!" She pulled a lever and the boosters fired and is lifted. "Come on..." She hit a button and they started moving.

Sarah threw her arms up in triumph. "Woo, we're airborne!"

Two tentacles wrapped around the boat.

"You spoke too soon Sarah!"

It started to pull them down.

"Lloyd! Use your elemental powers!"

"Got it!" Lloyd stood up. "Release us you monster!" He fired a ball of green energy and the leviathan let go.

"Woo, we're free!"

"Hurry Nya before it recov-!" The tentacles grabbed them again.

"What is this thing's deal?!"

"Why won't it let us go?"

Zane gripped the railing and looked down in the water. He saw a chain around a tentacle. "It's chained!" Zane stood up on the railing.

His father and Kim called out to him. "Zane!"

"Zane, what are you doing?!"

"The leviathan won't let us leave! I think I know of a way to help!"

"Zane, whatever you're doing, stop!"

"Zane, these oceans are filled with starteeth, they'll eat right through you!"

"I know" Zane fell forward into the water.

"ZANE!" Kim reached the railing and watched him fall in.
Zane fell into the water and looked around. He saw the bottom of the cahin and swam towards it. As he got closer he saw lots of starteeth floating around the chain. He grabbed as many as he could and placed them on the chain. As soon as they started eating, he swam towards the surface.

The leviathan started to pull them down towards the water. They were getting closer and closer to the water.

"We're gonna die!"


Suddenly, they all started going up. "What happened?"

"It...let us go" They all went to the railing and saw it looking at a shackle on a tentacle.

"Zane released the leviathan!"

Kim looked around at the water. "But where is he? I don't see him..."

"I'm right here!" They all looked to see Zane climbing over the railing.

"Zane!" Kim and his father ran over and hugged him.

Kim clutched onto him tight. "Please don't do that again!"

Zane chuckled and hugged her.

"How did you know releasing it would cause it to let us go?"

"Because no one deserves to be help captive. Not even a monster"

"Guys, look" They all looked over the railing and they saw it swimming away.

"Farewell creature from the sea. Enjoy your freedom"

Again, I'm so sorry for taking so long with this...I've been busy since work has been taking a chunk out of my time.

But here it is, sorry for no short story chapters lately, I haven't had many ideas. But I hope you all enjoyed this one! I hope to god I don't take as long as the next one!
Ninjago Rewritten book 3 ch.9

So sorry for taking so long...please forgive me...
I'm still alive!

Sorry for the EXTREMELY long delay in stories, I've been way to busy. But my winter break is coming up, so when that hits, I'm gonna kick myself to get on with the stories!

I'm having second thoughts on my soul eater, and I'm not sure if I want to continue it or to just drop it...I don't know.

In other news, if I work on it, there could be chances of a Servamp fanfic! I've already written a few chapters, and I'm thinking about it . Let me know what you think!

But again, sorry I've been so unproductive since...halloween, basically...a lot had been happening, I fell into some emotional problems, but it's fine. I just need this break that is coming up.

But stay tuned! I will have chapters up here soon (about a week or two)
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