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Hi. I'm sorry that the story updates are slow. I'm working on them. The next main chapter for the ninjago rewritten should be up sometime this week, I'm gonna work on it. And I'm thinking about posting a new short story chapter.

And I need to get started on the next Soul Eater, I miss doing that.

So, hang on tight. This job is taking a lot more out of me then I realized. But hey...


Sorry, I couldn't help it.
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So, if any of you know, I am currently in my last year of high school and I also recently got a job. I'm going to be extremely busy now, with only my Saturdays for any real time, and that time could be used for homework. So updates will now be coming even slower...but I'm not giving up! I'll keep going! I'll keep writing stories and doing other stuff, I promise! 

And thank you all who haven't given up on me, I thank you for staying with me through the slow and fast, thick and thin. Thank you for that. 

Anyway, keep holding on guys, i'll get these stories up and whatnot. 
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Hey guys! Sorry for being so long with this, but I'm actually looking forward to this chapter! I like it.

Anyway, some sides notes. I got a job, that takes place...wait for the outside world!


But seriously, I have a job, and it's going to probably be harder to write these, but I'll keep at it! I'll keep trying!

Onto the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own Ninjago, just my OCs
The serpentine were in the City of Ouroborus, and it looked like a fight was taking place between two snakes. One knocked the other down and the crowd roared.

At that time, a rattle copter flew over the city. The still standing snake ran over and dragged the fallen one out of the way of the landing. It landed and the door opened. A black carpet rolled out and a snake ran out, holding a folding chair and an umbrella. He ran out to the end of the carpet and set them up.

He took out two drinks. "All ready!" Lord Garmadon and Bizarro Amanda walked out of the copter. They walked to the chair and umbrella, both taking a drink. Garmadon sipped it, then shielded his eyes.

"So bright...never understood how our kind could live in such heat!"

Bizarro Amanda sneered. "Creatures that depend on light...pah!" She handed the drink back to the snake to hold and took out a makeup mirror and put some skin tone powder on.

The serpentine Generals slithered towards him. "Lord Garmadon, what bringsss you to our humble dwelling?"

"The ninja may have destroyed my mega weapon, but I have an ingenious new plan!" He gulped his drink down.

"Are we ssstill allowing him to be in charge of usss?" Bizarro Amanda snapped her mirror shut and sneered at him.

"Earlier, when pirates mutinied our ship, and locked us in the brig, Captain Soto's journal mentioned something called The Dark Island"

"Ooooh, now that sounds like a nice place!"

"Once we find it, the concentrated dark power will help me- ahem, I mean, us! We could rule Ninjago together!"

"Oh pleassse! You're having us chase after fairy tales now?"

"Not fairy tales, but a real place! That existed long before any of us were around! A place full of untold power!"

"Untold power? Count me in!"

"A place dripping with evil!"

"Evil? Sssoundsss niccce!"

Bizarro Amanda smiled. "All the evil and more! Come, join us for a wonderful stay on the Dark Island!"

"I'm looking for a few brave snakes! Who will join me?" Three generals rose their staffs up. Skales groaned. They all got on the copter, and it took off.

An alarm clock went off in the boys room. Cole was first startled away, by sitting up to fast and hitting his head on the upper bunk. Which then roused Jay to wake up, roll over and fall onto the floor. Kai groaned and threw a ball it it, but it bounced into a record player, where the ring was louder. Everyone in the room, and possibly now on the ship, was awake. Well, except for Zane, who was still asleep.

Lloyd sat up, and blasted a beam of energy at it, destroying it. "Is it Wednesday already?"

"Sunrise exercise...I hate sunrise exercise..."

The door opened and Wu walked in, drinking his tea. "Good Morning, morning morning! Up up up! It's a new day students!" He went over and opened the blinds. "Before we start with sunrise exercise, I noticed...the Ultra Dragon made another mess outside" He walked to the door. "It looks like a...two person job, heh heh" Wu closed the door.

The four ninja looked at each other, then started to make random excused. Jay put a hand on Lloyd's shoulder. "Lloyd, I'm sure you got this!" They started to make for the door.

"Hey! You might have been able to dump chores on my when I was smaller, but I'm grown up now, that's not fair!"

"You're right Lloyd. We need to settle this like men...with a round of rock paper clamp!" They all put their hands in the middle. "Okay, one...two...three!" They put out their choices. All of them had rock...while Lloyd had paper.

"Ha ha! Paper beats rock!"

Lloyd sighed. "How does paper beat rock anyway?"
Lloyd tried not to throw up at the smell coming from the bag. "I always have to do the dirty work..."

Ashlynn smiled. "I think he does it to annoy you" she scratched Flame's chin. "But he hasn't admitted it yet" Ashlynn was able to get some better clothes that suited her better. The same blank tank top and black pants.

Sarah smirked. "Sorry, bud, but having a pet is a big responsibility. With our dragons before, we had to do the dirty work"

"Didn't your mom every let you have a pet?"

Lloyd took off the safety googles. "I don't remember my mother...she abandoned me whe I was really young..."

Ashlynn froze and listened. Well, that was one thing they had in common. Ashlynn didn't remember her mother...or her father. She was left outside of the monastery when she was a baby...she didn't even know if she had parents now...

"She just...left you?"

"That's...awfully cold"

"Who took care of you?"

"I spent my whole life living at Darkley's Boarding School...the only place I ever called home until I met you guys"

Amanda brushed some hair behind her ear. "We've all had some rough pasts with out families...some...worse then others..."

An alarm then went off on the bounty. Nya slid down the chain. "Hey! I have a mission for you guys!" She ran over to them. "It's the museum of history! They've asked for you guys, something really strange has happened"

"You'll have to see it to believe it!"

They ran off. "Here Nya, hold this" Lloyd gave her the bag and googles. He ran off.

Nya looked at them. "Wait a minute...what am I supposed to do with these?" The dragon moaned beside her. "Oh..."
They got to the museum and went inside. They found the museum owner pacing back and forth. He saw them come in. "Oh, thank heavens you're here!"

"We heard there was an emergency?"

"Yes, come come! Quickly, this way!" They went through some double doors, leading down a hallway. "The stone warrior exhibit opens tonight, and this couldn't have come at a worse time!"

"Oh, that's tonight?! OI heard about it and was curious, wanted to check it out for myself"

"What couldn't have come at a worse time?"

"What happened?"

"Ninjago City appreciates your help with defeating the Devourer some time back-"

"Oh, so now they appreciate us!" Kim nudged her. "What, I'm saying what we're all thinking!"

"-But it seems it's toxic venom had seeped into the city's sewer system and has had the most unusual after affect!"

Two sanitation workers were mopping up a green slime, which reeked. "Oh, gross!"

"That's nasty!"

The museum director opened some more doors to a gift shop.

"Okay, yeah, I'd call that an unusual after affect" All around the store were little bobble-heads and figures of a stone warrior, but they were alive and had green eyes.

"The toxins in the venom some how brought our merchandise to life! It was so unrulling, I just didn't know who else to call!"

One jumped at Zane, who grabbed it. Kim put her finger near it. "You know, it's kinda cute... It threw it's sword at her, hitting her in the eye. "Ow!" Zane broke it.

"We've got this covered. I think we can handle a few toys!"

"Oh thank you so much! But please, could you contain the fighting in the gift shop? The doord to the exhibit will be opening soon" He closed the doors.

The toys attacked. There were a lot, and they didn't stop. Lloyd and Ashlynn were cornered. Some of them dropped a bst of a warrior on Lloyd's head, making him collapse to his knees. "Lloyd!" Then the toys jumped on them.

"Annoying little guys!" Lloyd managed to get them off him.

"Lloyd I think one went in my hair, I can't grab him!"

Some toys took a box of marble and spilled them on the floor, making Kai, Cole, Sarah and Kim roll on the floor, trying not to fall, but ding so anyway.

Amanda pulled her bow and arrow out and got aim at one. "Got you!" He jumped before she fired. "Huh?" she tried again and again, but it didn't work. "they're too fast, I can't get a shot!"

The toys laughed at them. "Alright, play times over! Ninja-go!" Kai spun, his spinjitzu going around the room.

"Ninja-go!" The other's followed suite, knocking everything over and breaking everything. They stopped to look around.


Sarah laughed nervously. "Well...we defeated the toys"

"Man, this will cost a small fortune to pay for..."

"We kept in in the gift shop though, didn't we?"

Wu heard a chuckle and saw one last toy leave. It took off, and he followed it. It turned and ran down a long hall. "Come back here, you!" He stomped on it and it broke. He sighed.

A door behind him opened and he turned. A woman walked out, then turned to him. He had waist length grey hair, grey framed glasses, and what looked to be an archaeologist's outfit.

Wu tried to find his breath. "Miskao..."



"It's been a long time" Wu nodded.

"Ahem!" The ninja walked down the hall, meeting up with them. "You seem to know this lady"

"You gonna introduce us?"

"Ahem, yes..." Wu walked over to Misako. "This is Misako. Lloyd's...mother"

They gasped. "M-My...My mother?" They parted to let Lloyd see.

Misako gave a small gasp and smiled.. "Lloyd?" She walked up to him. "My little're so much bigger than I remember-"

"Yeah, well, it's been a long time!"

"I didn't want us to meet like this...I have a reason I've been away-"

"Well, I don't want to hear it!" Lloyd started to stalk away.

"Lloyd, wait! Please!" Lloyd kept going and left, slamming the door behind him.

Amanda put a hand on Ashlynn's shoulder. "Go talk to him" Ashlynn nodded and ran after him. Miskao looked up and saw her run by...and also saw her dragon birthmark.

'No..." Misako thought and watched her run after Lloyd. 'It can't be...a Dragon Shifter?'
Garmadon, the generals and Bizarro Amanda were flying over the open sea. Garmadon looked out. "The Endless Sea...I don't get it!"

Bizarro Amanda growled. "Where is it?! Why haven't we found it yet?!"

"It'ssss becaussse there isss no land outside of Ninjago! We've been sssearching all day!"

"The island must be out there! We'll do another lap!" He walked up to the pilot.

Skales turned to the other Generals and whispered to them. "He'sss without hisss mega weapon! He'sss vulnerable! And hisss little pet isss ssstarting to...worry me..."

"Ssso how do you recommend getting rid of them?"

"Turn around! We need to find the island today!"

"Yesss Lord Garmadon!" The pilot turned the chopper around.

"Oh, there!" Skales pointed out to see. "Isss that the isssland?"


"I want to see!" Garmadon and Bizarro Amanda pushed him out of the way and looked out. "I don't see any-!"

Skales pushed them off, into the ocean. The screamed as they fell in the water.

"It'sss about time we had a Ssserpentine back in charge! All hail Ssskalesss!"

""All hail, leader of the Ssserpentine!""

Skales laughed as the chopper flew back to Ninjago
Misako opened some doors. "Lloyd? Lloyd!" They looked around.

Misako saw some open doors and looked in. Lloyd was sitting on the edge of a giant hole in the ground, Ashlynn sitting next to him. She walked in. "I'd watch your step. That sink hole doesn't have a bottom son"

Ashlynn looked down. "I've heard of these. They aren't easy to find, but there are a lot out there"

"Its where I dug up the ancient stone warrior"

"Uh, 'son'? You've been gone my whole life! There's nothing you can say..." Ashlynn put a hand on his knee.

Misako sighed. "Well, I'm going to talk anyway. Do you want to know what I've been doing all this time? Long before Sensei Wu even knew who the green ninja was, I knew it was you. And I knew that you would eventually have to fight your father I dropped you off at the boarding school, so I could learn everything I could about the prophecy! In hopes that one day...I could prevent the battle between good an evil...All this time son, I've been trying to save you and your father"

"Well, that's my job" Ashlynn stood up, careful of the ledge. "The prophecy mentioned a dragon. I'm the dragon. I'm...I'm his dragon"

"And I know. But the story goes back farther than that" Misako turned to some scrolls on the wall. "Log before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the first spinjitzu master-"

"Yeah, yeah! We heard this story a hundred times!"

"But you only know the half of it..."
"In Ninjago, there has always been balance between good and evil. So you know how the first spinjiztu master created Ninjago. But what if I told you, in order for there to be light...there must be shadow...And within shadow...there is darkness...The blackest of darkness that existed from the very beginning. An evil spirit known as the OverLord"
"Did you know about this Sensei?"

Wu sighed. "I had hoped...that if I kept it secret, that name would never be spoken again"

Amanda gripped the velvet rope...She knew this story...
"The balance was at stake. And their battle could have gone on for eternity. Each side powerful, none of them could concur the other. Until the OverLord created his indestructible warriors, the stone army. The spinitzu mast did what he could. But he knew he would soon be defeated. So instead of losing the war, he divided Ninjago in two"
"And lucky for us, there has been no trace of the OverLord, or his stone army. Until my recent discovery..."

"So that's why the battle has yet to be was never finished!"

"But where is this dark island? I've never heard of it"

"Disappeared I presume. But the legend states that as long as the balance between good and evil is even, the Over Lord shall remain trapped in this world" Misako sighed and looked at Lloyd. "I always feared that your father's ambition would bring a shift into the balance, that is why he must be stopped!"

"We have each felt the power of the first spinjitzu master. Passed on in the form of the elemental weapons. But now they have passed on to the Green Ninja, which is why only Lloyd can defeat the ultimate evil. Or else all of Ninjago will fall prey to it's darkness"

"Leaving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But faced with saving you and the world, I had no other choice..."

Lloyd nodded.

"Your's...incomplete..." They looked at Amanda. Her grip was tight on the velvet rope.

"What do you mean? This legend has been passed down for generations, it' legend never changing. How can it be incomplete?"

"Because this isn't the story I know. And what I was told"
"The first spinjitzu master was at war. Knowing he could not defeat the stone warriors on his own, he sought out help. He went to two great leaders. The leader of the Dragons...and the leader of the Phoenixs. Each of them gave a powerful piece. The leader of the Dragons gave him their best warrior, who could stand any fight for days and never be tired. The leader of the Phoenixs gave him their best protector, using her magic to shield them both in battle, and from the evil of the OverLord."

"Each side was at a passing...The dragon and Phoenix worked together with the spinjitzu master, but the OverLord grew his armies. It was then, and only then, to try and delay the final fight,that the spinjitzu master split the land, delaying the fight for another day...and a different hero"
Amanda kept a hard stare at the scrolls on the walls. "That was a story my mother told me...and she spoke with such clearness and if she was there..."

"I've...never heard of that...There has never been any record of a dragon and a phoenix...fighting along side with the first spinjitzu master"

"Then tell me..." Amanda looked at Miskao. "Why isn't there?"
Out in the museum, the exhibit for the stone warrior had just opened. People were gathering around. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present you the museum's greatest find. It out dates every other piece in the museum, found right underneath this very building. I give you...and Ancient Stone Samurai Warrior!" The museum director unveiled the statue.

The crowd 'ooheed'. Up on the ceiling, however, some on the Devourer venom dripped off and landed on the Stone Warrior. It spread over and the warrior was regaining color and it's eyes opened. It moved and people screamed.

"It's alive!"

"Impossible! It just looks life like!" The warrior picked up the director. It babbled some language and started to swipe at people. People ran out the doors.

"Have you discovered a way for me to face my father?" The stone warrior turned towards the room the ninja were in.
"Not yet, I'm sorry. But I have reason to believe there is still hope-"


The stone warrior broke through the door, speaking it's language.

"WHOA! Excuse me! Can someone please tell me, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!"

"The stone warrior!"

"The Devourer's venom must have awakened it!"

"Oh great! Kai, take care of him!"

"Uh, me?"

The stone warrior spoke in his language.

Kai sighed and threw his hood on and pulled out his sword. "Okay blockhead! Take this!" Kai ran at him, his sword ready.

"Wait...Kai, wait! Remember they're-!" Kai swung his sword but it deflected off him and instead broke. "Indestructible"

" my mind I saw that playing out entirely different..." The stone warrior picked him up.


"The OverLord made his army from an indestructible material only found on the dark island!"

"Great! You could have mentioned that earlier!" The warrior threw Kai behind him.

Wu turned to Lloyd. "Lloyd! Use your powers!" Lloyd took a step forward and cupped his hands outwards. A glowing green ball formed in his hands. He fired a beam of energy at the warrior. When the light died down, they didn't see him.


"Go Lloyd!"

Suddenly, stepping through the green flames, the stone warrior came into view. And he looked upset.

"Okay, that did not nothing"

"How are we supposed to destroy this thing?!"

"You can't"

He started to beat against the door frame. It growled it's language. The ninjas adorned their hoods and masks. And rushed him as he broke through. They tried to fight him off, but, despite his size and slow speed, he fought them off quickly and easily.

Sarah panted, ten glanced back at Ashlynn. "Hey, Amanda! Didn't you say that there was a dragon that fought these things?!" Amanda nodded. "Ashlynn, can you do something?!"

"Not in this small of a space!" She looked back. "And I don't want to take my chances with that hole in here"

Jay ran at the warrior, twirling his nunchucks. But the warrior knocked him back. Jay lay dazed on the floor, then saw the stone warrior pick his foot up to stomp him. Jay managed to roll back onto his feet before he was crushed.

"Easy big guy! Maybe this is a sign you need to loose a few pounds!" Jay chuckled, then was knocked back.

"Oh, smart decision Jay! Mock the warrior for his weight!"

Jay slid back until he was on the edge of the hole. Ashlynn ran over and pulled him up before he fell. "Close call..."

Zane ran at the warrior. He jumped up to kick his chest, but the warrior knocked him away.

"Oh, this is not good..."

The stone warrior managed to beat them all out into the exhibit room of the museum. "Ouch..."

"Guys, how do we defeat something...that can't be defeated?"

"Yeah, this is a lot harder than a bunch of bobble heads"

"Well, it's a good thing we're in a museum!"

"Why's that?"

The warrior broke through the wall. "Because we're all about to become history! Run!" They started running.

Ashlynn looked back, then at Lloyd. "You keep going! I'll hold him off!"

"Are you sure?"

Ashlynn smiled. "I can handle him" Ashlynn then stopped and turned, her scale storm surrounding her. When it died down, Ashlynn in her dragon form stood there. She was the same, but bigger. She was the size of two buses, and was taller. She growled at the warrior.

Then he said something, that caught her attention. ""Dragon Shifter..."" He yelled and charged her. She jumped on him and they fought in the main room.
The ninja were still running. "Do you think Ashlynn can handle that thing?"

"She's the only one of us that probably could!"

"I don't understand...the Dragon Shifters have been gone for years, where did she come from?"

Before anyone could answer, there was a dragon roar. They all stopped, listening. "Did"

Before anyone said anything, there were heavy footsteps. The stone warrior then broke through the door frame. "Go!" They ran until they got to a large room with two levels. They ran up the stairs.

"This way!" They ran to what looked to be a dinosaur skeleton room.

The stone warrior was behind them. "He's pretty fast for a big guy!" They ran in and managed to get the door shut. He pounded and broke a hole in the door. He kept pounding against the door.

"This thing is unstoppable!"

"Indestructible to be precise"

"And his ambition is off the charts!"

"The door isn't gonna hold him forever!"

"We need to do something and fast!"

"Then let's settle this like grown ups...with rock, paper, clamp! Loser has to face him, so the rest can escape!"

"Oh that is the dumbest thing I-!" Sarah saw Amanda and Kim put their hands in. "Seriously?!"

"Do you have a better idea?" Sarah grumbled then put her hand in.

"Are we really doing this?"

"There isn't any other option"

Lloyd went to put his hand in..."Ah ah, not you chosen one"


"Wait a minute!" Lloyd stopped them. "That's it!"

"What's it?"

"If you guys distract him, I think I know how to stop him!"

They all looked at each other. "...I say we give the kid a shot"



"You're just saying that so you don't have to face him!"

"Do you want to face him?"

Jay looked at the door, seeing the stone warrior trying to get in. "...I say we give the kid a shot"

Lloyd looked around and saw an air vent. He could get out there! He ran over and took the grate off. "Be careful son" Lloyd looked back at Misako...back at his mother.

He nodded. "Thanks mom" He disappeared.

"I can't believe that's Lord Garmadon's son..."

"Don't forget, he's yours too"

Misako smiled and turned to Wu. "He's had a good teacher"

"You mean...teachers" He gestured to the ninja.
On an island, in the middle of the ocean, Garmadon lay on the shore. "Uh..." He groaned and stood up and looked around. Bizarro Amanda was no where to be seen.

something in the jungle spoke. ""I've...been waiting for you...""

Garmadon looked around. "Who are you?! Where are you?! What is this place?! Where am I?! This isn't Ninjago!"

"" the always meant to find! Destiny brought you here!""

"This...This is the Dark Island! The one mentioned in Captain Soto's log!" Garmadon looked around. "But...who are you?"

""I go by many names...but you may call me...OverLord!""

"I...I order you to give me the power to defeat the ninja! Give me the power to turn Nijago into my own image!" The voice laughed. "Why do you laugh at me?!"

""Soon, you will have everything you desire! But first, there is something you must do...for me...""

"And what is that?"
The stone warrior ran at the door one more time, then managed to break in. But when he looked around, there was no one. He walked into the middle of the room, under a skeleton and looked around.

The ninja were on the upper level. Cole and Kim were on the other side, waiting for a signal. Jay gave it to them and they nodded. They ran out and jumped on the skeleton, cutting the suspension wires. The skeleton fell, right on top of the warrior.

"Woo direct hit!"

"Nice job you guys!" They all went down a skeleton and walked up to the wreckage.

"Did we get him?"

There was a growl and a fist broke out of the rubble. "He's still here!"

"You think Lloyd's ready with his plan?"

"I hope so!"

"C'mon, let's get out of here!" They ran as the stone warrior broke out of the rubble.

They kept running, and got to the bottom floor, when the stone warrior slammed down, separating them. He glared at Misako. "Misako, run!" She ran and he chased after her.

She ran into a hall that had giant pots in them. He broke through the door frame and looked around. He started smashing them, trying to find her. She was hiding behind a column. He looked around...and found her. Misako ran, finally coming back to where they started, in the exhibit room for the stone warrior.

"Over here!" Lloyd was in an empty room.

"Lloyd!" Miskao ran to him. The stone warrior followed her.

Lloyd held his mother close. "Hey loser! Paper beats rock!"

He ran at them. Lloyd grabbed his mother and jumped to the side. The stone warrior stumbled o a stop.


Something tore under the warrior, then he fell, into...

"The bottomless pit!" Lloyd had managed to get enough paper to cover the whole and paint it, so that it looked like the floor.

The other ninja, minus the girls, for some reason, managed to catch up to them.

Misako hugged Lloyd. "I'm so proud of you" Lloyd flipped his hood back and smiled. "I feel like the balance has brought us together"

"Stay with us" The ninja walked in. "Help us fight the good fight"

"If that's okay with my son"

"Hey, the more the merrier" The hugged each other. It was a sweet moment...

"Guys!" Everyone turned as Kim ran in.

"Kim? What's wrong?"

"It's Ashlynn!"
They all ran into the room where Ashlynn fought the warrior. Over by a large pile of rubble, debris, and some broke columns, Sarah and Amanda were holding a column up.

"Sarah, move it!"

"I can't! It's taking everything I can just to keep it from crushing her!"

"Sarah! Amanda!"

"Guys! Help us!" They all ran over and managed to move the column over. They started to mover debris.


"Ashlynn, where are you!"

"Hey, over here!" Jay called them over. "Help me move this!" They moved a big part of a wall and found her...cut up, bruised and bleeding slightly.

"Ashlynn!" Lloyd and Amanda knelt by her. "Ashlynn, wake up" She wasn't moving.

Kim came over and started to feel for a pulse..."She's got a pulse, she's still alive. But we need to take her back to the bounty, I can't so anything to help here-"

Ashlynn coughed, then opened her eyes. "Th-Th-The...S-S-Stone...W-Warrior...?"


"I-I'm sorry...I-I-I c-couldn't..."

"Don't apologize, he wasn't an easy guy to fight..." Ashlyn took a breath then seemed to go unconscious.

"C'mon, let's get her out of here"
On the island, Garmadon was following the OverLord. "How much further?"

""Until I say so! You do want to turn Ninjago into your image...right?""

"Of course! It's all I ever wanted!"

He walked, then heard noises. "Lousy...downright...ungrateful...snakes!"

He stopped. He knew that voice. Bizarro Amanda then burst through the brush..."What...happened to you?"

She didn't look as she had when they left. Her hands were dark purple, with a jagged edge in the middle of her forearms, with light purple and pink lines going halfway up her arm. Her eyes were surrounded by the same color, but the whites were gone, filled with the dark purple, but here iris' still red. She was wet and just starting to dry.

She laughed. "You didn't notice? Guess I did a good job hiding it from you! But those snakes have pushed me over!" She caught her breath. "When you had your mega weapon, I fed of that power, keeping! But since you lost it, I've been slowly turning to...this!" She showed her arm.

"I don't understand...then why aren't the pirates-!"

"The pirates were real people that you brought to life! I was never real! I was a copy! And...if what you're saying is true about this island...the dark matter is affecting me..." She smiled. "It's calling me...all that power...I...want it!"
They kept walking, then got to a small hill. On it was a rock, with four hand holds. "Four that coincidence?"

""I told you...It is destiny!""

"Just use them or something!"

"whatever..." He reached in and turned them.

There was a large rumble. The rock in the middle sank, while spires grew up in the ocean all around them. The clouds about them started to swirl. All around the,, and island appeared out of the ocean.

""The...ultimate battle...between good and evil...has foretold! And with your help...we will rule this world!""
Kim walked in the bridge. Everyone else was in there.

"How is she?

"She'll be fine. Luckily, no bones were broke, but she has a few bruised ribs...and I'm worried one of them might be cracked...but she'll be okay. She should heal"

There was a sigh through the room. "Thank goodness..."

"Is she awake?"

"Yes, actually. She said that there was something that she wanted to talk to you guys about"
Ashlynn was laying in bed, upright. Everyone came in. "Hey Ashlynn. You okay?"

"Yeah, I should be..hey guys, there's something you probably should know"

"What is it?"

"Well, when I was fighting the stone warrior...he knew what I was"

"Wait, really?"

"Yeah. He said 'dragon shifter', in our language"

"Whoa...wait...the stone army was at battle when...well, time began!"

"Which I'm pretty sure was a long while ago"

"If Amanda's story is true...then, the dragon shifters have been around for...forever!"

"Maybe there really was a dragon and a phoenix helping with the battle"

"That's not everything though" They looked at her. "He said something else. While we were fighting, before he defeated me...he said...'Ashteron'"


"No, one world. Ashteron"

"That...doesn't sound familiar"

"I've never heard of it"

"Maybe he said something in his language?"

"That's what I thought...but...I feel like...I've heard that name...but at the same time, I don't know what it is..."

"Hm...Ashteron...a place, maybe?"

"Or...a person..." Kim looked thoughtful.

"Do you have an idea maybe?"

"Maybe...Ashlynn, you said that you don't know the name, but you feel like you should?"

"Basically, yeah. Why?"

"Well, it could be an old memory that you can't recall...maybe...when you were an infant"


"Can we trace back that far, there's ways to do that, right?"

Kim shook her head. "Not infant memories. They're too far back and weak to trace"

Ashlynn looked out the window. 'Ashteron...Is it...really something I know?' she thought.
There! Now, that was fun!

Again, these stories might take some time, I have a new job I'll be starting soon, and I'll need to work out some stuff. But I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more!
Ninjago Rewritten book 3 ch.7
Here it is guys! Enjoy! 
Hi. I'm sorry that the story updates are slow. I'm working on them. The next main chapter for the ninjago rewritten should be up sometime this week, I'm gonna work on it. And I'm thinking about posting a new short story chapter.

And I need to get started on the next Soul Eater, I miss doing that.

So, hang on tight. This job is taking a lot more out of me then I realized. But hey...


Sorry, I couldn't help it.
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